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Technology has created the ability for information to be collected and shared more efficiently all the way to a personal level. Mobile apps help us solve problems whether it's online banking, looking up directions on the go, or posting your latest photo on social media. Campus Eye provides college campuses with a safer community, a more efficient safety or facilities maintenance team and a better-informed student population and workforce. #shifthappens

Growing Tech Startup Campus Eye Wants To Make Schools Safer

College campuses aren't the safest place to be. Nearly one in four female college students in the U.S. have experienced sexual assault. In the same study, 11 percent of female college students said they've experienced rape. And since 2013, there has been more than 76 instances of gun violence on college campuses.

Campus Safety To Increase At UMKC With Campus Eye

..[T]he Campus Eye mobile app works to keep an eye on not only campus safety issues but on campus maintenance issues as well. Campus Eye is a mobile reporting app designed for the use of college/university campus facilities maintenance and safety personnel who can use the app to enable student, faculty, and/or staff reporting.

Campus Eye Provides New Platform For Students To Report Crimes

Public Safety's job just got a little bit easier with the release of Campus Eye, an application that creates a direct line of communication across your entire school—put in the palm of every student's hands.

New And Improved Campus Eye Dramatically Reduces Sexual Assault On Campus

Colleges and universities across the country are faced with the growing challenge of keeping America’s youth safe from sexual assault. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, more than 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the incident. Campus Eye provides students with a fast, easy and effective way to submit information to the authorities using technology they use every day.

Department of Public Safety Looking To Create A Safer Campus With New Mobile App

A new set of eyes have recently descended upon UCM — Campus Eye, a beta-test version of a free app for both iPhones and Android phones, is now available for students, faculty, and staff.