Easy-to-use Technology Everyone's Familiar With


It starts with the app

Campus Eye users download the Apple or Android app to their smartphones and tablets. The app is school branded with your logo, colors, etc. Students, faculty, staff and parents create and send reports under their name or anonymously. Each report includes the description, an attached photo, and automatically captures date, time and location. Users without the Campus Eye mobile app can visit your website to submit secure, encrypted reports online. Web reporting is an optional, free feature.


Travel up the line of communication

Campus Eye logs all reports submitted through the app and online. Let's say a broken window or leaking toilet has been reported. That report goes directly to maintenance. The supervisor can send staff to the area to fix it or block off the area until repairs are made. For each report, administrators select from a list of customized categories while also selecting the status of a report. Forward, share and escalate report details electronically for quick resolution. When required, Campus Eye can instantly alert all mobile app users, or selected users, of any situation and any emergency precautions.


Track actions and accountability 

School administrators can create, analyze and evaluate report data with the Online Dashboard. Trends emerge that help administration make informed decisions and plan accordingly. For example, if vandalism occurs on Saturday nights, more officers can be dispatched to keep watch or cameras installed at specific points.