Everything we do as a company is designed to help keep students safe. We do this by providing students, parents, faculty and staff with the tools needed to report, track and resolve issues as they arise.

Campus Eye is technology that your students, faculty and staff use every day.  It’s effective and user friendly, so issues get reported, then addressed and resolved quickly by the appropriate authorities.

We partner with schools like yours, from K-12 through colleges and universities across the United States to help keep students safe...and we would like to partner with your school to help keep your students even safer!



Campus Eye CEO & Founder, Rob Sweeney was featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland and broadcasted on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International.


Increase Bystander Intervention

When students observe unsafe situations, they do one of two things: use their mobile devices to take pictures or video, or they walk away feeling apathetic or helpless. Campus Eye fights the bystander mindset by enabling students, faculty and staff to easily report safety issues or maintenance tips with a quick snap, description, and send—even anonymously! If school officials need more information, the easy to use chat feature opens up a secure line of communication.

Enhance Safety & Maintenance

As head of Public Safety or Physical Plant, you can't address what you don't know. Police officers and facilities personnel can't be everywhere at once. By providing your school with Campus Eye, you can achieve a safer, well-maintained environment. Campus Eye makes it easy for students to report issues, either anonymously, or by identifying themselves. Issues get identified, addressed and resolved. And this makes for a safer campus!

Campus Eye provides our students with an easy-to-use mobile app, and web form, for reporting incidents of sexual violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also provides college officials with an easy-to-use online dashboard for managing all of the reports.”
— Shawn Anderson, Dean of Student Success
“Working with our community and the leaders of Livingston makes our school stand out as one of the best. First State Bank of Livingston stepped up to help Livingston ISD deal with the sweeping bullying epidemic that is affecting kids throughout our nation. The Campus Eye app gives students the voice to stand up and the District the tools to make sure we can eradicate bullying from our schools. Students now have a safe place to ask for help!”
— Kip Robins, Director of Technology, Livingston ISD Livingston, TX

Uphold Campus Standards

Students want to feel safe and know that when they report issues, their reports are received and treated seriously. Parents want to know their student is protected and can get help when needed. Campus Eye does this. Students gain a sense of responsibility for the well-being of others and their school. Parents get peace of mind knowing their students are safe.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Campus Eye has a broad range of features that let schools customize the solution to meet their specific needs. Start with just a few features, or expand your solution to incorporate more features. Use Campus Eye to greatly enhance the way you communicate with students, faculty and staff with technology they use every day.

With Campus Eye, thousands of students, faculty and staff members act as our eyes and ears around campus. Since we have rolled the App out on campus, we have seen a large amount of use, and people are excited to be able to communication with us quickly and easily.”
— Randy Shingleton, Director of Facilities Operations
Campus Eye has sparked a new level of conversation and awareness around sexual violence. It has simplified the reporting process, allowing students to reach out anytime and anywhere, and has helped establish a stronger sense of safety on campus.”
— Amanda Small, Check & Connect Coach
“We have been very pleased with the first-year implementation of Campus Eye in Gonzales ISD.  It has afforded the opportunity to all our educational stakeholders in having a part in the safety of our students.  Campus Eye allows students and adults to report safety, facilities or maintenance issues through a user friendly mobile app or through an online link from our district website.  It provides the ability to have a direct link, even conversation with an administrator anonymously, as well as providing new technology that takes reporting to new levels. We were proud to partner with Sage Capital Bank who fully funded the program to offer the service to students, staff, parents and community members.”
— Stephanie Camarillo, Assistant Superintendent, Gonzales ISD Gonzales, TX

Report Title IX Issues  |  Bullying & Cyberbullying  |  Drugs  |  Suicide Threats

Students Report Anonymously or Identify Themselves