Campus Eye creates a direct line of communication across your entire school—put in the palm of everyone's hands.


Campus Eye CEO & Founder, Rob Sweeney was featured on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland and broadcasted on Fox Business Network and Bloomberg International.

Campus Eye provides our students with an easy-to-use mobile app, and web form, for reporting incidents of sexual violence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Campus Eye also provides college officials with an easy-to-use online dashboard for managing the reports.”
— Shawn Anderson, Dean of Student Success at Minnesota State Community and Technical College

From a suspicious person to an assault or a broken window, Campus Eye lets people immediately report dangers and safety information.


Give students, faculty and staff the option to anonymously report what they see, hear or know.


Instantly alert everyone, or a select group, of immediate danger and vital news.


Set admin access levels so security and facility staff can respond fast and track accountability.


A lot happens that security cameras can't see and you can't stop fast enough.


Campus Eye puts safety and security in the palm of everyone's hands, letting users instantly report what they see, hear and know. The option to report anonymously encourages users to share critical tips needed to take action against unsafe behaviors, avoid dangerous issues and resolve serious crimes.

With Campus Eye, thousands of students, faculty or staff members act as our eyes and ears around campus. Everyone has a hotline to university dispatch and facilities operations. We are able to keep everyone safe and deal with more potential issues before they turn into major problems.”
— Randy Shingleton, Director of Facilities Operations at University of Missouri-Kansas City

Be the first to know about facility damage and maintenance problems.


Leaky faucets to broken pipes. Clear acts of vandalism to broken doors and windows. Maintenance issues that go unnoticed invite further damage. Problems need to be addresses immediately, but that can only happen if the maintenance team is aware of them. They can't be everywhere, but students, faculty and staff are. Campus Eye lets them report conditions that are unsafe. Your facilities team is instantly alerted of the problem, and can track and manage repairs with Campus Eye's powerful reporting capability.

Prior to Campus Eye, many safety concerns and maintenance issues would go unreported. I can truly say that Campus Eye gives our Campus Police and Physical Plant a real advantage. Our response time is faster and we address more safety concerns and maintenance issues than before.”
— Robert Harrington, Director of Physical Plant and Risk Management at Missouri Southern State University